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Pennsylvania alone is subsidizing fossil fuels at a taxpayer cost of almost $2.9 billion per year. It costs everyone of more if you include the damages to our environment, cleanup costs and the toll it is taking on our health. DONATE TO PLUG INTO THE SUN!

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October 4 - October 11 2015


A new short film by Josh Fox. In the new short film, GASWORK: The Fight for C.J.’s Law, we conduct an investigation into worker safety and chemical risk. Follow Charlotte Bevins as she fights for CJ’s law—a bill to protect workers named for her brother CJ Bevins, who died at an unsafe drilling site.

UGI subsidiary gets OK to recover pipeline fee from customers

State regulators have approved a plan that allows a UGI natural gas subsidiary to accelerate the process of passing on the cost of replacing aging pipelines to customers. The decision affects customers of UGI Central Penn Gas Inc., which serves about 9,500 customers in portions of Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe and Carbon counties. Though the settlement opens the door for UGI to implement the pipeline fee, a spokesman said it has no immediate plans to do so. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission voted 5-0 Wednesday to approve UGI Central Penn's distribution system improvement charge covering the pipeline upgrades and other improvements

Upon closer look, PennEast's claims that pipeline will boost N.J. economy are bloated

In a brilliant turn, Keith Brown, a Times of Trenton reporter, challenged PennEast spokeswoman Patricia Kornick on the numbers. He asked if the job of the operator of the taco truck that pulled up to the construction site at lunch would be one of the supported jobs. Kornick replied, "It would fall under the food services category." According to Kornick, only 21 permanent jobs would be directly dedicated to pipeline maintenance.

Fracksylvania’s New Brew

Blinded by the shiney (i.e. money), Pennsylvania is trying to solve 2 problems with one solution of how to ‘fix” the AMD problem left by King Coal, and the driller’s water supply problem by using AMD for fracking. AMD water cannot be used “straight”, it needs to be somewhat cleaned and fracking chemicals added. The end result is a combination of AMD, chemicals and fracking chemicals making for one toxic brew. With the passage of ACT 47, Pennsylvania has raised the bar on what it means to be the Best Worst Example for fossil fuel extraction.

Oil and gas company threatens to sue speakers at Akron council meetings over fracking comments

The company’s attorney sent letters to the men warning that they had made untrue statements, and they could be sued if they do it again. John Beaty, a retired pastor, and Steve Postma, a retired postal worker, were surprised — and somewhat frightened — when a Fed­Ex driver delivered the cease-and-desist letters to the doorsteps of their Akron homes. “When you get an oil and gas company after you, it gets your attention,” Beaty said on a recent morning as he stood near the oil and gas well in Goodyear Heights that was the subject of his comments that raised the ire of Discovery Oil and Gas.

What is Shale Justice

Shale Justice is a coalition of organizations whose aim is to coordinate our efforts, our regionally specific issues, our visions, our talents, and our hard work to end extreme forms of industrialized fossil fuel extraction which poses serious threats to our air, our land and our water.

2015 New York Final SGEIS

The individual chapters of the Final SGEIS (April 2015) can be viewed as PDFs (see below). The full 2015 Final SGEIS document is available as two large PDF files: Volume 1 (PDF) (35.8 MB) and Volume 2 (PDF) (8.4 MB). Although they are very large files, they are downloadable and searchable.

Marcellus Shale Players On-Line

Updated July 18, 2015 (4/2/2015)

Find out “WHO” are the corporations, their subsidiaries, the executive leadership, board of directors, associations, industry groups, lobbyists, Public Relation companies, and politicians? How are they connected? What is their message and “WHO” are the messengers?

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