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Rivertown Coaliton Newsletter Summer 2015

Articles include: Why is the Encyclical Important, Interview with Chuck Steininger, Renewable Energy Has a Bright Future and more

News of the Week

July 27 - August 2, 2015

Pipelines’ paths remain a risky mystery beneath our feet

The Wolf Administration estimates that 30,000 more miles of new pipelines will be built in Pennsylvania within the next two decades. So, where will they be? Pipeline companies know exactly the routes for all the pipelines they maintain or plan to build. But they aren’t required to share that information with public. Instead they release vague maps with colorful lines swooshing across Pennsylvania, showing where a proposed line might go.

DEP’s testing methods for radiation in a PA creek questioned

State officials tested for radioactivity in a major tributary to the Monongahela River, as well as discharge water from an abandoned mine that flows into it, after significant rainfall in Southwestern Pennsylvania. That led environmental groups who repeatedly asked the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for the investigation to question whether the agency purposefully tested Ten Mile Creek after June’s heavy rains, which could have diluted the pollution. “DEP’s recent sampling of Ten Mile Creek flies in the face of common sense and reveals a disturbing lack of seriousness that is dismissive of the community in Greene County and the significance of this situation,” Patrick Grenter, executive director of the Center for Coalfield Justice in nearby Washington County, wrote in an email.

Residents group files suit over pipeline

DEERFIELD, MA — A group of Franklin County residents whose property would be crossed by the proposed Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline has filed a civil lawsuit against the federal government in U.S. District Court in Springfield. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, asks the government to halt all activity of any federal agency related to approval of the pipeline project and argues that a related 2005 amendment to the federal Natural Gas Act is unconstitutional.

A Reality Check For U.S. Natural Gas Ambitions

The cheapest “tolled” export option (e.g., Cheniere’s Sabine Pass Project) breaks even at about $9.30/mmBtu based on $3.00 Henry Hub price plus 15% tolling. Woops! LNG export from the U.S never made competitive economic sense to me but now, it looks dead-on-arriva

Industry Shadows the PA Pipeline Infrastructure Taskforce (PITF): Part 3

Quigley told StateImpact after the 90-minute meeting in Harrisburg that he expects the industry to add 20-25,000 miles of gathering lines, smaller pipelines that connect gas wells to processing plants or main transmission lines. He said an additional 4,000 to 5,000 miles of interstate pipelines will be built over the next 20 years.

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP: Officials say PennEast pipeline will be a health hazard

Following a special Board of Health hearing Tuesday addressing public health issues related to the proposed PennEast pipeline, the board deemed that the pipeline, if constructed, will adversely affect the health of the citizens of Hopewell Township.

Critics seek delay on Constitution natural gas pipeline

With the head of the proposed Constitution natural gas pipeline project telling investors last week that he expects to get critical state permits shortly, anti-pipeline opponents wrote to Gov. Andrew Cuomo urging him to block permits from being issued. Signed by nearly five dozen grassroots opponents groups throughout central New York and the Southern Tier, the letter said the 124-mile, $750 million pipeline to carry hydrofracked natural gas from Pennsylvania into New York, where it could move on into Canada and New England, poses a threat to streams, wetlands and forests in its path.

What is Shale Justice

Shale Justice is a coalition of organizations whose aim is to coordinate our efforts, our regionally specific issues, our visions, our talents, and our hard work to end extreme forms of industrialized fossil fuel extraction which poses serious threats to our air, our land and our water.

2015 New York Final SGEIS

The individual chapters of the Final SGEIS (April 2015) can be viewed as PDFs (see below). The full 2015 Final SGEIS document is available as two large PDF files: Volume 1 (PDF) (35.8 MB) and Volume 2 (PDF) (8.4 MB). Although they are very large files, they are downloadable and searchable.

Marcellus Shale Players On-Line

Updated July 18, 2015 (4/2/2015)

Find out “WHO” are the corporations, their subsidiaries, the executive leadership, board of directors, associations, industry groups, lobbyists, Public Relation companies, and politicians? How are they connected? What is their message and “WHO” are the messengers?

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