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‘Spring Breakers’

Today is Cinco De Mayo, so why not celebrate by watching a movie about a bunch of white idiots looking for any excuse to drink and party? The 2013 Harmony Korine movie managed to be controversial, audacious, and both massively watchable and totally repellant. And let’s hear it for a movie that manages to use James Franco’s weirdness to its utmost advantage.

Photo: Annapurna Pictures; Courtesy Everett Collection

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The 2002 Best Picture winner remains — thanks to Moonlight — the only musical to win the top prize at the Oscars in the last 48 years. It's streaming on Netflix and Prime Video, and it retains the same glitzy verve that captivated Oscars voters in the first place. Catherine Zeta-Jones takes best-in-show honors (and won Best Supporting... Read more

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‘Sleeping With Other People’

Rom-coms have tackled the whole "Can men and women really be friends?" thing for centuries. At least it feels like it's been that long. And while it's the central theme of Sleeping With Other People, starring the delightful Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis, the film manages to remain fresh, witty, silly, and unique along the way, even if the answer... Read more

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‘Jesus’ Son’

This 1999 adaptation of National Book Award-winning author Denis Johnson's collection of short stories about a drifter (Billy Crudup) is a bit of a curio, but worth digging into. Director Alison MacLean is unflinching in the way she depicts the rituals of her heroin-addicted cast of characters, who also include Michael Shannon, Samantha Morton,... Read more

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‘Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That?’

There is no comedian more consistent, more physical, more brutally funny today than Sebastian Maniscalco. His latest stand-up special for Showtime asks us as humans, Why Would You Do That? about a variety of topics: Uber, dinner parties, family conversations, vacations and more. People of all ages and backgrounds will find something to connect... Read more

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Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That?