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‘Kill List’

Fresh off a disastrous operation in Kiev, former solider Jay struggles to provide for his wife, Shel, and their son, Sam. Out of options, Jay and his military buddy, Gal, become hit men for hire. While carrying out 3 murders for a creepy new client, Jay and Gal are shocked by the bizarre reactions of their victims who thank the contract killers just before they are executed. The true plot of this horror thriller reveals itself slowly at first, but then with a bloody bang. Featuring ferocious performances, eerie cinematography, and one incredibly spooky cult, Kill List will linger will you long after its final battle, which is a d-o-o-z-y.

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‘Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench’

Before he brought us an abusive jazz teacher and a love letter to Los Angeles, Oscar winner Damien Chazelle was honing his musical roots with Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench. Much like Whiplash and La La Land, the film explores the protagonist's inability to balance his musical aspirations with his love life. Shot on gorgeous black and white... Read more